Phil Walker: An Introduction

Phil’s History

Phil Walker’s history in saving Employers money in workers’ compensation is unique. He is an author, teacher, trial lawyer, and expert on handling workers’ compensation cases.

He devotes himself 100% to helping employers save money by:

  1. Reducing their work comp premiums
  2. Getting money back from insurers who have overpaid on cases
  3. Reducing Employer “experience modification rates” which reduces future premiums and secures refunds for past premiums
  4. Getting employees reclassified to lower premium rates
  5. Identifying claims mishandling by insurers and getting them to repay employers

As a result, he is sought out by employers when they need help in work comp.

Expert To Many

Phil is the expert in workers comp called upon by employers, doctors, lawyers, and brokers.

Established Author

He is the author of The AMA Guides Made Simple, the definitive guide for measuring an injured worker’s permanent impairment under the work comp systems of over 30 states. With Dr. John Alchemy, he co-authored Medical-Legal Reports Made Simple.

Therefore, no one is better at valuing a work comp case and getting it settled for an employer.

Nationally-Recognized Lecturer

He lectures nationally to lawyers, insurers, and employers on how to win in work comp cases, calculate an injured workers’ disability, and save employers money in workers’ comp.

As a result, he teaches to the following groups:

  • Forensic Expert Witness Association
  • SEAK National Work Comp Forum
  • California Work Comp Institute
  • Florida Work Comp Institute
  • Utah Workers’ Comp Institute
  • Signal Mutual National Longshore Conference
  • New York University Stern School of Business

Work Comp Teacher

He teaches doctors how to do their jobs in workers comp.

As a result, he teaches for the following:

  • The Mayo Clinic
  • American College of Occupational Medicine
  • American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians
  • California Orthopedic Association

An Expert Witness

He testifies as an expert witness on behalf of employers when their insurers or claims handlers have paid too much on cases.

Therefore, lawyers call him as the expert.

Premium Reducer

He gets employees reclassified to the lowest premium rates. He gets premiums refunded to employers.

Therefore, insurance brokers call him when their customers are paying too much.

A Unique History

Phil Walker’s personal history as an expert in workers comp is unique.

He was House Counsel to US Steel, handling all of its workers’ compensation cases for the western United States, before he was 30 years old.

He was the Managing Attorney for Fireman’s Fund Insurance.

He was General Counsel to the largest real estate firm in New York City.

He has represented United Airlines, the University of California, Stanford, the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, Bethlehem Steel, Alcoa, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Oracle, Gumps, Alexander’s Steakhouses, Addison Penzak Jewish Community Center, Garratt Callahan, Raybern Foods, McLellan Estate Company, and the Midnight Mission of Los Angeles.

His approach was unique, effective, successful, and often controversial. In the 1990’s, he began to represent primarily self-insured employers because he felt most insurance companies did not do a good job for their customers.

Taking Action Against Rising Costs

In 2008, he identified a growing need: every year, the cost of workers compensation for employers went up by 15 to 25%. Insurers did a poor job handling cases, and then charged employers increased premiums each year when the insurers had actually overpaid. Then, insurers began to reclassify employees to high-cost “occupations” to increase premiums. Politicians increased the cost of workers comp every year and placed more and more-costly legal requirements on employers.

Employers were desperate. CFO’s were desperate.

The cost of workers’ compensation was killing them.

Their own HR Departments told them there was nothing that could be done. Their insurers told them there was nothing that could be done. The politicians told them there was nothing that could be done.

Phil Walker said, “No.” As a result, CFO’s began seeking him out when everyone else told them nothing could be done.

As a result, he has a 100% success rate. He has saved every one of his clients money.

In fact, he puts his money where his mouth is. He is only paid if he wins for employers. He receives 25% of the amount the employer saves or gets refunded by its insurer.

As a result, his clients are happy. They keep 75%. He keeps 25%.

Get The Help That You Need

Phil set up to bring these skills to employers across America.

Phil offers clients what few others can: extensive practical experience, razor-edged analysis, smart and money-saving counsel, guts, sense of humor, and enormous creativity.

He asks only one question — not “Can it be done?,” but “How can it be done?”

Contact Phil For Assistance

To meet with Phil to discuss any issues, simply contact him here.

The meeting is free. You only pay him if he wins. He wins.

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