Our Process


  • We bring you our team of experts.
  • We analyze your workers’ comp premium, x-mod, and claims.
  • We get your employees reclassified to the lowest rate.
  • We get your x-mod reduced.
  • We get you money back for mishandled claims.
  • We value your cases, settle, and close them.
  • We reduce reserves.

This is the process that saves you money in workers comp.

Analyze your premium, x-mod, and claims by a 35-year legal expert.

Our first task is to review your work comp premium, loss runs, and employee classes. Phil Walker, J.D., supported by selected specialists in work comp claims, reserves, rating, and classification, will examine what you have paid, what you are paying, what you should be paying, and how much you should get back.

Reclassify your employees to the lowest rate.

We look at how your employees are classified work comp premium. Then, we attempt to move them to lower-cost classifications and have that approved by the WCIRB. The WCIRB then sends out a letter to your insurer advising of the reclassification. The insurer recalculates your premium for the last 3 years at the lower rate and sends you a refund. Example: We just reclassified all Jewish Community Centers in California from athletic clubs to YMCA’s.

Get your x-mod reduced.

We analyze your open claims. We identify what reserves should be reduced and get your insurer to reduce them. This reduces your x-mod. This reduces your premium.

Download an example letter to a CFO.

RESULT: Your premium gets lowered.

Identify past claims which have been mishandled.

Then, Phil Walker, who testifies as an expert on work comp claims handling, prepares a detailed analysis of claims handling of your closed claims (Download Example PDF). He identifies all errors in claims handling and how much they have cost you in increased premium. Then, we get that money back for you.

RESULT: Get money back and get your x-mod reduced retroactively.

Get your open claims on the right path. Plan. Value. Settle. Close.

We give your insurer an action plan on what needs to be done to resolve the claim. We value the claim. We tell the insurer how to get it settled and closed, and then we ride them until it’s done. Once the case is settled, the reserves are reduced to $0.

RESULT: Reduce reserves, reduce x-mod, reduce premium.

We put our money where our mouth is.

You only pay if we win. 25% of the money we save/recover for you. Period. View a sample Retention Agreement with Phil Walker.

This is how we save you money in workers comp.

It works.

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